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Malaria in the USA: Saline County, Arkansas

05 October 2023

On 4 October 2023 the Arkansas Department of Health reported a case of malaria in an Arkansas resident. The person lives in Saline County and has not travelled out of the country. This is the only known locally acquired case of malaria in Arkansas.

Advice for Travellers

Malaria is not usually transmitted in Arkasas or anywhere else in the USA, although there have been several cases in Forida, Maryland and Texas this year. The risk is very low at this time. However, travellers to Arkansas should:

  • be made aware of the risk of malaria, given the current occurrence of cases.
  • practice strict mosquito bite avoidance, the mainstay of prevention of malaria and other mosquito-borne infections.
  • where possible, reduce the number of mosquitoes in and around their accommodation.

Travellers to malarious areas should seek prompt medical advice if they develop a fever during travel or on their return home, ensuring they highlight their potential exposure to malaria.

See the TRAVAX Malaria section for further information.