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Ross River virus in Australia: Queensland

21 February 2024

Queensland Health has warned of an increased risk of Ross River virus infection across the state. The virus has been detected recently in an increased number of mosquitoes.

In 2023, 699 cases of Ross River virus infection were reported in Queensland. There were 64 cases in January 2024.

Advice for Travellers

Ross River virus (RRV) is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes symptoms that include rash, fever, joint and muscle pains. It is uncommonin travellers.

The risk is greatest in those planning outdoor activities (particularly camping) in rural areas of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands.

  • Travellers should be made aware of the presence of RRV at their travel destination and be advised to practice good insect bite avoidance.
  • Warning notices in the media, during outbreaks and in high-risk areas, are given in Australia and should be heeded by travellers.

No vaccine is available for RRV and there is no specific treatment.

For further information see Ross River Fever.